Full Frame vs Crop Frame Sensor Cameras: What Are the Differences? (VIDEO)

What's the difference between full frame and crop frame sensor cameras? It's a common question for anyone thinking of purchasing a camera these days, and it's one that photographer Julia Trotti addresses in the below video.

While many photographers prefer using cameras with full frame sensors, which are about the size of a piece of 35mm film, there are many benefits to using cameras with so-called crop frame sensors (i.e. APS-C) even though those chips are smaller in size than full frame. In the clip, Trotti shoots a portrait session with both a full frame Canon 5D Mark IV and crop frame Canon 7D Mark II and compares the results.

Along with being a great camera primer for beginners learning about the two formats and how they affect lens selection, it also features Trotti's gorgeous portrait photography of model Mahalia, captured in a natural light setting. So check it out below and then go visit Trotti's YouTube channel for more fashion and portrait tutorials and gear tests.