Freebie Alert: Make Your Own Custom Lens Hoods with These Downloadable Templates

A homemade paper lens hood may not be an ideal replacement for the plastic hood that came with your lens, but it will definitely improve image quality in a pinch if you lost a hood and you’re waiting for the replacement to arrive in the mail.The folks at the British website Lens Hoods have created a broad selection of free, downloadable PDF templates designed specifically for a wide array of lenses from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Pentax, as well as for lenses from independent manufacturers Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina.

The main Lens Hood site features hoods for 35mm and full-frame DSLR lenses, while their sister site includes downloadable PDFs for 1.5X and 1.6X crop-sensor lenses. Templates are available for both round and petal-style hoods, and it’s as easy as downloading the file, cutting out the hood, and taping it together.

These paper hoods are not only workable temporary replacements for a lost hood, but they’re great for testing a used lens you purchased before deciding whether or not to invest in an expensive hood from the manufacturer. So head over to the Lens Hoods webside and their sister site the next time you need a hood.

Via Canon Watch