This FREE Lightroom CC Course Has 6 Basic Lessons to Get You Up to Speed in a Hurry (VIDEO)

It’s not often you have an opportunity to take a comprehensive workshop in the comfort of your home, and when the course is free, all the better. The 30-minute video below includes six beginner lessons on using different features of Lightroom CC, and you have the option of watching each segment separately.

Presented by the Photoshop Training Center, this free course provides clear, simple tutorials, with good illustrations, by instructor Jesus Ramirez. Each chapter is targeted at those new to editing images in Lightroom, and is intended to get you up to speed in a hurry.

The lessons cover everything from importing images into Lightroom and exporting them when you are finished editing, to an overview of the app’s interface, using Light and Color panels, and making the most of Lightroom’s various tools. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enhance your editing skills.

If you’d prefer to watch the episodes separately just check out this playlist to get started. You may also want to look at the basic Lightroom tutorial we posted recently, explaining how to improve portrait photos with a simple Split-Toning technique.