FIX Your Bad Habits & STOP Making These Mistakes with Your Photography (VIDEO)

We frequently post tutorials explaining common photography mistakes so you can learn from the errors of others. While these lessons are typically geared toward novice photographers, the video below includes mistakes that even experienced shooters make on occasion.

British pro Adam Karnacz of First Man Photography admits he’s been known to screw up on occasion. He discusses seven bad habits that can spoil anyone’s images, and explains how to avoid them. And even better, he demonstrates how to fix them. So you’re not alone if you’re struggling with your photography; just pay attention and things will improve.

Never one to tread lightly, Karnacz begins with the question, “What if your photography really sucks?” From there the tutorial gets far more positive as he identifies common problems and provides simple solutions. His first tip is to stop taking snapshots and start taking photographs, and he provides clear examples of how you can do that by slowing down, taking a thoughtful approach, and being more mindful of what you put in the frame.

Karnacz says the difference between “taking” photographs and “making” them involves telling a story with your images, evoking an emotion, and creating a connection with the viewer. These aren’t just hollow words as he provides concrete tips for getting the job done.

A failure to explore varying camera angles, for example, often results in mediocre images—especially if you always shoot from eye level. Photos of the same scene are often far more compelling when shot from low to the ground or from a high perspective. Karnacz provides examples of how this impacts landscape, wildlife, and other types of photos.

Other mistakes discussed include not thoroughly exploring the luminance in the scene, a failure to balance the elements in a shot, composing an image with a person or animal facing out of the frame, and much more. The solutions to these errors are often subtle, but can make a huge difference in your results.

After watching the video, check out Karnacz’ YouTube channel for more valuable tips.