Fix Ugly JPEGS Fast with Photoshop’s AI Filters (VIDEO)

Today we’re not going to get into another discussion of the many advantages of Raw files compared to JPEGs. Let’s just assume that, for whatever reason, you shot a bunch of JPEG images and they look really awful.

Sometimes you can dump the images and reshoot in Raw, but that’s not always possible if you’ve already returned from a shoot. Fortunately, you can often remove unsightly JPEG artifacts in Photoshop, and the process is almost instantaneous.

Adobe has made great strides with Neural Filters that use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically rehabilitate images or create interesting effects, with little more than a click of your mouse. Today one of our favorite image-editing instructors is going to explain how easy is to restore quality to JPEG photos using Photoshop.

Unmesh Dinda is one of the world’s most acclaimed photo instructors with a huge following of 356 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. He tends to speak fast and cover a lot of ground in his brief tutorials, so pay close attention or take a few notes.

In barely 14 minutes Dinda walks you three example of harsh image quality in portrait and landscape photos. And if you’re also a graphic designer, he has some additional tips you won’t want to miss.

Dinda’s explanation of how to use Neural Filters for this particular assignment will also help you Photoshop’s AI filters with numerous other tasks that used to take a lot of time and require advanced skills.

If you’re interested in becoming more proficient in Photoshop, be sure to visit Dinda’s YouTube channel where you’ll find an abundance of helpful advice.

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