First Look
Fujififlm Zoom Date 1300

While we ordinarily don't take first looks at point-and-shoot cameras here at Shutterbug, we thought special mention should be made of the new Fujifilm Zoom Date 1300. The camera sports a 4.6x zoom, which is remarkable enough, but it starts at the 28mm focal length, a wide angle not usually found in compact cameras. As you know, compacts usually start at 35mm and up and it was a pleasure to see one that hopefully starts a trend. The lens itself is a Fujinon EBC (Electron Beam Coating), a type we're told that is usually found in Fuji's pro cameras. Another remarkable feature is the extra large LCD panel where flash and mode controls are accessed, one that is backlit with a green display. The setup is similar to some digicams, and the menu controls are accessed in similar fashion.

The camera works with a passive AF system, thus eliminating some of the focusing woes of the active type, and can close focus at a bit over 2 ft, with a 1.6-3.3 foot Macro mode. The exposure is purely automatic, with shutter speeds of 1 sec to 1/500 sec. When the lens zooms it goes from the maximum aperture of f/5.6 at the 28mm setting to f/11.5 at the tele, making use of fast film a good idea in anything but bright light. The unit is nice and compact, measuring about 4.2x2.4x1.6". Naturally, when the zoom is fully extended it sticks out well away from the body. The Fujifilm Zoom Date 1300 has a list price of $349.95. For more information check out Fujifilm's web site at