Final Shot: Our Favorite Reader Photo of the Month


© Larry Young

Liquid Art
Shutterbug reader Larry Young has managed to freeze a moment in time and transform a drop of water into an alien universe all from the comfort of his garage. So, how did he do it? Young set up the shot with plain water in a cup along with a few drops of rinse aid to lessen the surface tension. He used two Nikon SB-900 flashes and a Sigma EF-500 DG Super flash to light the background, which was a piece of 12x12-inch glitter paper. To control both his Nikon D200 and flashes, he used Camera Axe, a professional triggering system. With Camera Axe he was able to set the delay for the flashes and control the two drops from approximately 18mm above the water. Young notes that trying to control the sync of all three flashes wirelessly does not work, so he connects the flashes to the Camera Axe controller via wires to ensure the flashes sync together. He works out of his garage so he can control the light to “complete darkness.” While Young started his stop motion photography with “one drop and an eyedropper,” he admits that “most any modern camera and at least one high-speed flash and tripod is all that is required.” To view more of Young’s liquid art, visit

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