The FASTEST & EASIEST Way to Remove a Color Cast in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Make ugly color casts in photos a thing of the past with this quick tip from software guru Anthony Morganti. In he below video, Morganti shares what he says is “the easiest and fastest way to remove a color cast” using Lightroom.

“Have you ever had an image that has a color cast, and you want to get rid of it and most often you go to the Basic tab in Lightroom, you might grab the eyedropper and start clicking around the image, hoping that you’re getting rid of the color cast that way?” he asks. “Or you may resort to moving the sliders or you may even just go to the dropdown hoping you can remove the color cast that way. More often than not, white balance doesn’t work and you’re stuck with an image with a color cast.”

So, what should you do? In his below Lightroom tip, he shows you a more effective and quicker method. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what color the color cast is. He works with two sample photos: one with a yellow cast and one with a blue cast.

The secret is using the Tone Curve adjustment in Lightroom. There are actually a number of different curves inside the Tone Curve. The one you want to use are the red, green, and blue color curves, which will help you remove the ugly cast in your image in seconds.

“With these colors you can easily remove a color cast in an image,” he explains. “All you need to do is first identify what color is the color cast.”

Watch below as Morganti walks you through the easy steps for using these color curves to get rid of the cast. Then try it yourself on your own images today!