Fake News Headlines You’ll See in 2018

Zorki Wins TIPA Award; White House Denies Russian Collusion
Members of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) today announced that the Moscow Zorki TTL, a newcomer on the digital camera scene, has won the 2018 award for overall best product. Second place in the voting is the Zenit A, manufactured by the same company which is located in the foothills of Mount Narodnaya in the Ural Mountains. Although some competitive camera makers allege possible vote tampering, the White House has issued a strong statement labeling the accusations a ‘witch hunt’ and fully denying the insinuation of Russian collusion.

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So that there is no misunderstanding, a) none of the headlines above are true (yet) and b) they are the opinion of the author, not necessarily the opinion of Shutterbug magazine.

—Jon Sienkiewicz