Expert Level Photo Quiz – Try It If You Dare

This one is tough. Anyone who gets 18 out of 20 correct is a genuine expert.

1. To load 35mm film in a Nikon Photomic FTn one must:
A. Pull straight up on the rewind knob to pop the back open
B. Slide the rewind knob toward the lens to open the back
C. Remove the back
D. Open the bottom

2. The standard lens 50mm f/1.4 lens for a Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic was branded
A. Honeywell
B. Tack Sharp
C. Soligor
D. Takumar

3. Which of the following are developers for photo-sensitized paper?
A. Dektol
B. Hyfinol
C. Microdol-X
D. D-76

4. The first rangefinder Leica to feature through-the-lens metering was the
A. Leica CL
B. Leica M4
C. Leica M5
D. Leicaflex

5. What do these three cameras have in common: Canon Dial, Olympus PEN Ft, EYE Konica
A. All were made in Hong Kong
B. All were secretly made by Mamiya-Sekor
C. All are half-frame 35mm
D. All had interchangeable lenses

6. In what product category did all of these brand names appear: Omega, Durst, Leitz
A. Enlargers
B. Tripods
C. Lenses
D. Slide projectors

7. What camera was introduced as the direct replacement for the Minolta SR-T101?
A. Minolta SR-7
B. Minolta XD-11
C. Minolta SR-T102
D. Minolta SR-T201

8. Which of the following manufacturers offered subminiature “spy” cameras?
A. Minolta
B. Minox
C. Rollei
D. Mamiya

9. The first digital camera to feature in-camera image stabilization was the
A. Canon Digital Rebel
B. Sony Cybershot 77
C. Nikon CoolPix 100
D. Minolta Dimage A1

10. The first 5-megapixel digital camera appeared in 2001. What was it?
A. Canon Digital Rebel
B. Minolta Dimage 7
C. Canon Ixy (Elf)
D. Nikon D5

11. The abbreviation EFU stands for:
A. Ebehardt Film-Works (Utrecht)
B. Electronic Flash Unit
C. Electronically Focusing Unit
D. Nothing

12. Celluloid (cellulose nitrate) is no longer used as a base for film because it
A. Is very flammable
B. Causes color shift in the dyes
C. Deteriorates after approximately 10 years
D. Is not 100% neutral in color so it requires more steps to process

13. Which of the following people were photographers?
A. James Cagney
B. Millard Fillmore
C. Bella Lugosi
D. Weegee

14. The designation “Tungsten” on color film means
A. The dyes are metallic
B. The film base is metallic
C. The film colors are balanced for indoor lighting
D. Nothing really, it was just a marketing tool

15. In the US, the Fujifilm X-T4 is supplied with
A. One battery and no charger (charges in camera via USB-C cable)
B. One battery and a special charger than can charge two cells at the same time
C. One battery and one charger
D. Two batteries and one charger

16. The company that developed and currently markets Adobe Photoshop is
A. Microsoft
B. Adobe
C. Aldus
D. Corel

17. The abbreviation APS stands for
A. Associated Press Services
B. Associated Photographic Society
C. Applied Photographic Science
D. Advanced Photo System

18. In Photoshop, to resize the canvas you must click a command under which menu tab?
A. File
B. Edit
C. Image
D. Select

19. Roll film marked 120
A. Records images that measure 120 x 120 millimeters
B. Records images that measure 6 x 6 centimeters
C. Contains 120 exposures
D. Produces 2 x 2 inch slides (transparencies)

20. A mirror lens
A. Focuses all colors of light on the same point
B. Uses concave elements to correct spherical aberrations
C. Uses a single convex element to reduce coma
D. Uses reflective surfaces to create a telephoto effect

Well? What do you think? Answers below. Please tell us how you scored.






1 C; 2 D; 3 A; 4 C; 5 C; 6 A; 7 D; 8 all; 9 D; 10 B; 11 B; 12 A; 13 D; 14 C; 15 A; 16 B; 17 D; 18 C; 19 B; 20 D

—Jon Sienkiewicz