Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dynamic Range in Photography (VIDEO)

Dynamic range is, undoubtedly, a term you’ve heard a lot of when talking about photography. In fact, quite a few camera manufacturers these days are touting their latest model’s “impressive dynamic range” as a big selling point, oftentimes over such previously “important” specs as megapixels and resolution.

But what, exactly, is dynamic range and why is it important to photography? As they say, it’s a long story but it’s one the smart folks at Filmmaker IQ are up for explaining, which they do in the below video called “Diving into Dynamic Range.”

And it’s what you might call a “deep dive,” with the video clocking in at over 34 minutes. But if you want to get to the bottom of this thing called dynamic range, this is a great place to start.

“We're taking an introductory look at the somewhat confusing world of Dynamic Range from the Psychophysics of Human Vision to Gamma Correction on old CRT and modern devices, How LOG works, the impact of ISO and Dynamic Range and shooting RAW using Exposing to the Right (ETTR) strategy,” Filmmaker IQ says in its introduction. “Hopefully you like looking at graphs and spots of light!”

Oh, we do, we do!

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You should also, of course, check out Filmmaker IQ’s awesome educational YouTube channel.