Don’t Let Blown Out Clouds Ruin Your Landscape Photos: Here’s an Easy Photoshop Fix (VIDEO)

We’ve all been there: You’re shooting a beautiful landscape with bright billowing clouds and some interesting shadow detail, so what do you do? You can expose for the highlights and risk introducing noise into the shadows. But if you expose for nice clean shadows, there go the highlights.

In this helpful Photoshop tutorial from Blake Rudis at f64 Academy, you’ll learn some creative problem-solving techniques to add structure to those blown out highlights. Rudis isn’t a magician, so he’s not going to teach you how to recover detail where none exists, but his tutorial shows you how to make the most of a difficult situation.

You can watch more tutorials from Rudis on the f64 Academy YouTube channel. And be sure to take a look at an earlier video tutorial we posted, explaining how to add impact, detail and texture with Lightroom.

Via ISO 1200