Don’t Trust Your Camera’s EVF or Rear Screen for Judging Image Quality: Here’s Why

Photographer Pierre T. Lambert has some bad news about your camera: it’s been lying to you.

“You might have encountered that problem where you’re looking in your viewfinder or at the back of the screen, and you’re looking at the photo you are about to shoot, and it looks amazing. But once you click it and you check on your computer, you realize it’s totally different from what you wanted,” Lambert says. “Well, there are a few reasons for that and I going to tell you how to fix it.”

In the below video, Lambert shares four in-camera tools that will help you get the photos you want every time. Here they are (he explains each one in the video):

#1 Light Meter

#2 Highlights Warning

#3 Zebras

#4 Histogram

Bonus tip: Dim Screen at Night

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