A Digital Christmas

This was written way back in 2001 when children actually knew what film was.

A Digital Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas—I awoke with a jolt—Ah !
I forgot to buy film for my brand new Minolta.

Oh, what could I do? I was in such a spot!
I had batteries, flash, and a tripod. But not

even ONE roll of film to capture the day.
And Santa Claus’ visit was just hours away.

A quick call to some stores—but it was too late.
Even the shop at the Mall closed at eight.

Then one of my children looked inside the book.
“It doesn’t NEED film, Dad. Here—take a look.”

“This camera is DIGITAL. Don’t lose your cool.
It’s easy. I’ll show you. I learned how at school.”

“Take sis’s picture. Go head and shoot ‘er.
Then I’ll help you edit it on our computer.”

“Delete what you don’t like and with the rest
We can make color prints, or e-mail Grand-ma the best.”

Well, unlike the old story where all through the house
not a creature was stirring—in our case the Mouse

just kept right on clicking on into the night.
We had a great Christmas full of fun, bits and bytes.

Jon Sienkiewicz

Happy Holidays!

2001 Jon Sienkiewicz. All rights reserved.