Create a Photo Studio in Your Garage for Portraits & More (VIDEO)

If you want to shoot better portraits without expensive lighting equipment, this quick tutorial is for you. In just five minutes you’ll see how to create a simple and effective natural light studio in your garage that delivers professional results. And you can use this setup for more than just portrait photography.

In the video below from AdoramaTV, Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge demonstrates what’s likely the simplest home studio you can create. Because your subject will be illuminated by natural light, it’s important to do your shooting when the sun is in the proper position relative to the open door of your garage.

If the walls of your garage are white that’s even better, because they’ll act like reflectors to add a bit of fill light on your subject and open up shadows. If not, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to paint a couple walls. As you’ll see, Jirsa begins shooting when his model is backlit, which creates a nice effect with her hair.

Jirsa provides helpful exposure and posing tips during this behind-the-scenes session, and he includes key gear and camera settings in captions with his images. Initially the image looks great, except for a less than ideal background, but he demonstrates how a simple, affordable backdrop totally transforms the shot.

We think you’ll agree, that this is about as simple as things get. And if you add a small table to the set you’ll be able to use your new studio for tabletop photography, product shots and more.

After watching the video head over to the AdoramaTV YouTube channel for more helpful tips. And check out our recent story with another simple trick for stunning portrait photos.