Create Gorgeous B&W Photos with This Foolproof 4-Step Process (VIDEO)

We often turn to image-editing expert Blake Rudis because he offers some of the best tutorials on the planet. His techniques are always easy to execute and deliver impressive results.

Rudis also has a knack for taking a unique approach to processing, as you’ll see in the video below. When it comes to creating black-and-white images, some photographers use the b&w mode in the camera, while others prefer to shoot color and make the conversion later in Photoshop or Lightroom. In today’s episode you’ll learn a quick and foolproof four-step process that delivers impeccable b&w results, by using the color in your photos.

Rudis says, “You color is the most important value you have in creating the tones you want in your b&w images.” In fact, he argues that composition is not nearly as important as color. After a quick review of how color works, Rudis demonstrates the four steps he uses to create the best possible b&w photographs. And in the description beneath the video he provides a link for downloading his actions, so you can automate the process.

Unlike other techniques for b&w conversions that remove all the color from a file, Rudis’ approach is non-destructive. After debunking several popular methods, Rudis move on to his more effective and compelling approach. By employing his more deliberate technique, you’re able to determine what colors are most prominent and dominant, and which you want to push back, before you convert a color image to b&w.

Rudis begins by creating a gradient map above the image, and he does all his color work underneath. The idea is to control, shift and balance the colors before transforming the image. And you’ll see why the Color Wheel is a very important tool.

We’ll leave it to Rudis to explain the details of his four-step process, but we’re pretty sure that if you give his method a try, you’ll make use of it often with your b&w work. You can find more helpful tips on Rudis’ YouTube channel, and be sure to download his actions using the link below the video.