Covering The Photo Beat; D-SLR Accessories, Power Packs, And Tripods

Calumet Pro Series D-SLR Camera Accessories
The Pro Series 4-Channel Wireless Trigger Kit is a 2.4GHz system that allows you to synchronize your camera and flash for remote operation over 328 feet. Calumet is currently offering two versions of this kit, one for Canon and one for Nikon cameras and flash systems, but it can also be used with studio strobes as well as Olympus and Sony cameras. Additional receivers are sold separately for remote, wireless, multi-flash setups with Canon or Nikon equipment.

Also available are Pro Series Coiled Off-Camera TTL Flash Cords for use with Canon and Nikon units that come in 1.2-foot and 1.8-foot lengths. The 1.2-foot coiled cable can extend up to 2.8 feet and the 1.8-foot cable can extend up to 5 feet. Pro Series Shutter Release Cables are designed for use with the Calumet Pro Series Digital Timer Controller and the 4-Channel Wireless Trigger Kits.


Tamrac Rally 5 Bag
Designed with the traveling photographer in mind, the Rally 5 bag allows you to safely and discreetly transport your gear. It features foam-padded compartments large enough to accommodate a D-SLR with a lens attached up to 6”, various accessories, and a 10.1” laptop computer. A zippered front pocket keeps personal items organized and handy, while a large open pocket in the back of the bag is perfect for maps, a notepad, or a manual. While on the move, the mesh side pockets can hold a water bottle, cell phone, or other items. The Rally 5 bag weighs 1 lb, 10 oz and features a comfortable handle and a foam-padded adjustable shoulder strap.


Flashpoint PZ Softboxes And Octaboxes
Durable Flashpoint PZ Softboxes feature a zipper that is used to relieve pressure on the inner rods. This new patented design makes it easier to assemble or disassemble the softbox. Sizes range from 12x36” to 40x60”. Prices range from $59.95 to $149.95.

The Octaboxes are available in 3-foot and 5-foot sizes and the prices are $99.95 and $164.95. Softboxes and Octaboxes come with a baffle, recessed front, and a carry bag.


Dynalite Power Packs
Dynalite recently updated the 400, 800, and 1600 ws power packs for their Road and Roadmax series. The improvements include a reduction in the size and weight of each model while still maintaining the same color temperature and flash consistency.

The RP400 (Road Series) and the MP400 (Roadmax Series) vary slightly but they both have a 1-second recycle time, six f/stop range, a built-in Wein slave eye, and a flash ready indicator. They measure 5.875x6.875x5.25” and weigh about 4.2 lbs.

The RP800 (Road Series) and MP800 (Roadmax Series) models share a 1.2-second recycle time, six f/stop range, a built-in Wein slave eye, and a flash ready indicator. They measure 5.875x6.875x6.125” and weigh about 5.3 lbs.

The RP1600 (Road Series) and MP1600 (Roadmax Series) models share a 2.2-second recycle time, six f/stop range, built-in Wein slave eye, and a flash ready indicator. They measure 5.875x6.875x8” and weigh about 7.3 lbs.