Covering The Photo Beat; Battery Flash Generators, Ink Flow Systems, Wet & Dry Swabs, And A Telescoping Tripod

The CD Easel From TAP
The CD Easel, which holds one CD or DVD and one print, was designed as a way to ship or store CDs and easily transforms into a photo frame to display the print on a desk or shelf. It is crafted from linen-finish stock that can be imprinted with a studio logo or company name. Contact: Taprell Loomis, 2160 Superior Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114; (800) 827-5679;

New Battery Flash Generators From Profoto
Profoto has introduced three new battery flash generators. The Pro-B2, Pro-7b, and AcuteB 600 models measure 7.5x7.5x5" and weigh only 10.8 lbs. They provide a maximum output of 600 ws and have a built-in radio sync unit that is compatible with the PocketWizard system. Contact: Profoto, 8 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523; (914) 347-3300;

Lensbabies' Accessory Lenses
There are three new accessory lenses from Lensbabies: the convertible 0.6x Wide Angle/Macro Lens; the Wide Angle/Telephoto Kit, which contains the 0.6x Wide Angle Conversion Lens; and the 1.6x Telephoto Conversion Lens. The 0.6x Wide Angle Conversion Lens and the 1.6x Telephoto Conversion Lens widen the field of view but keep the sweet spot constant and relative to the image size. The 0.6x Wide Angle/Macro Lens has an MSRP of $59, and the Wide Angle/Telephoto Kit has an MSRP of $89. Contact: Lensbabies, LLC, 516 SE Morrison St., Ste. M4, Portland, OR 97214; (971) 223-5662;

MediaStreet's Niagara IV & V Continuous Ink Flow Systems
MediaStreet has released the Niagara IV and V Continuous Ink Flow Systems for Epson and Canon inkjet printers. The Niagara System uses a modified cartridge that connects to 4 oz ink canisters. The unit sits next to the printer and allows users to utilize a wide variety of inks. The Niagara IV and V are available for most photo-quality inkjet printers with prices starting at $115. Contact: MediaStreet, Inc., 44 W. Jefryn Blvd., Unit Y, Deer Park, NY 11729; (888) 633-4295;

Telescoping Tripod
The Elevated Photography Company offers a handheld telescoping tripod that stretches from 5 ft to nearly 21 ft in height. It features a live integrated video down link for the portable monitor attached to the tripod. The retail price is $1470. Contact: The Elevated Photography Company; (877) 253-8611;