Cheap Camera Review: 10 Reasons Why the Legendary Pentax MX-1 Is Still a Great Compact (VIDEO)

If you want a quality compact camera for street photography but don't want to spend an arm and a leg, the Pentax MX-1 from six years ago is still a great buy, according to Mattias Burling, who reviews older cameras on his popular YouTube channel. Selling for only a few hundred dollars online (and even less if you hunt around the used market), the Pentax MX-1 is a legend of a camera, Burling contends.

"Why do I care about this old camera released back in 2013?," he says. "Why not just get the newer and closely priced Pentax QS-1 instead? Well, it's because I like the Q so much and that this is basically a fixed lens version of it with some added perks."

Here are 10 reasons why Burling thinks the Pentax MX-1 is worth another look. Watch his MX-1 video review below where he explains these points in depth.

#10 Pentax Colors Are Lovey & Organic

#9 Shoots Native DNGs

#8 Built-In ND Filter & Leaf Shutter

#7 Nice, Small Flash

#6 Great Controls & Intuitive Menus

#5 Highly Customizable

#4 Brass Camera Build with Good Grip

#3 Portable & Discreet

#2 Unique Lens

#1 Tiltable Screen