Capturing the Golden Hours: How to Photograph Sunrises & Sunsets (VIDEO)

Everyone reading this has likely shot a sunset in their lifetime. And if you don’t mind getting up early, you’ve probably tried to capture a sunrise too. But how many of your images of sunrises and sunsets are truly exceptional?

It’s hard to pull off, right?

Well, one of our favorite photographer-educators Serge Ramelli has some great tips for you on how to capture sunrises and sunsets that will make people go “wow!” Check out the video below where Ramelli shows off the spectacular golden hour images he’s shot in Paris, Los Angeles, and other great locales and describes how he was able to make these photos special. (Included in these tips is some great advice on using Photoshop and Lightroom to process these images.)

One note about this video before you watch it. While we like Ramelli’s clips, there’s typically a lot of self-promotion at the beginning where he plugs his photography courses and teaching aids. If you want to skip the advertising preamble, jump ahead to about the 2-minute mark where he begins to discuss how to photograph a sunrise or a sunset.

If you like this clip, you should also check out Ramelli’s popular video on “6 Things You Shouldn’t Do if You’re Just Starting Out in Photography.” 

We’d also suggest you enter your best images in our “Picture This: Sunrises & Sunsets” gallery for a chance to be featured in Shutterbug magazine.