Capture Stunning Portrait Photographs with This Simple Trick (VIDEO)

We’re constantly looking for simple techniques that enable you to capture spectacular portraits without specialized expertise and complicated lighting setups. The tutorial below is a really good one, as it reveals how you can achieve professional looking results with a very simple trick

Sounds too good to be true? Well here’s the trick: Simply move with your model instead of messing with the light. In just nine minutes, Mark Wallace of AdoramaTV demonstrates how to position your single light in a stationary position, and then move your camera with the model to capture a variety of interesting poses, lighting styles, and moods.

You’ll watch Wallace follow his model while moving left, right, up and down, before moving around her in a circle—all the while making some really stunning portraits. This episode is different than others from Wallace, in which he typically discusses camera settings and lighting setups. Instead, this one doesn’t involve complex technical considerations and is all about what the model does.

Wallace begins by placing a mark on the floor, which serves as the model’s reference point as she strikes various poses while moving around the set. The single light remains in place, and there are no changes to metering modes or exposure settings throughout the shoot. Simple, right?

This approach requires a good rapport and constant communication between model and photographer, and if your subject is inexperienced you’ll have to do a bit of directing. By watching the video you’ll see how it’s done, and pick up a bunch of good posing tips in the process

Be sure to head over to the AdoramaTV YouTube channel after watching the video. And for an even simpler approach to people pictures, check out our recent story with several great tips for shooting available light portraits at home.