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Canon Firmware Update As we went to press with this review Canon released the following information:
In order to provide customers with enhanced customer support, Canon has developed a new Version 1.0.9 firmware for the EOS-1D Mark III D-SLR camera. This firmware update incorporates the following improvements and fixes:
1) Improves the look of images when enlarged on the LCD monitor. Applies a slightly stronger sharpness setting to the LCD monitor when images are enlarged.

2) Improves the consistency of AI Servo AF under certain conditions. Reduces the tendency of the camera to autofocus on high-contrast backgrounds when shooting in conditions where AF detection is difficult, such as when the main subject is not completely covered by the AF frames or if the main subject's contrast is low.

3) Provides countermeasures for Main Dial response errors (Main, Quick Control, Vertical-grip Main). Fixes a rare response error in the Main Dials in which they either did not respond when rotated or would change several clicks' worth even if only clicked once.

4) Corrects errors in the Italian and Simplified Chinese menu screens.

Please note that Version 1.0.9 firmware is available for download from the web.

US residents are kindly directed to contact the Canon Customer Support Center for further assistance at (800) 828-4040. Support hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 12:00 midnight; and Saturday 10:00am to 8:00pm (all times EST). Alternatively, if electronic support is preferred, please send your e-mail to

Canon's New 21.1-Mp EOS-1Ds Mark III
As we went to press Canon announced a new addition to their pro-oriented line-up, the 21.1-megapixel, full-frame Canon
EOS-1Ds Mark III. Scheduled to begin shipping in November, it will have an estimated selling price of $7999.

Features include:
· A full-size 36x24mm CMOS image sensor comprised of approximately 21.1 million effective pixels (5632x3750) set at a pitch of 6.4 microns.

· The user can select any one of six recording formats ranging from 21.0 megapixels in Large JPEG or raw format, 16.6 or 11.0 megapixels in the two medium JPEG sizes, or 5.2 megapixels in the small JPEG or "sRAW" formats.

· Two identical DIGIC III imaging engines have been incorporated into the camera for parallel (and hence, faster) signal processing. The CMOS sensor reads out to the dual "DIGIC III" processors simultaneously in eight channels.

· A 14-bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) conversion process. Able to recognize 16,384 colors per channel (four times the number of colors recognized by the EOS-1Ds Mark II D-SLR camera's 12-bit conversion capability).

· Compatibility with the new Ultra Direct Memory Access (UDMA) CompactFlash memory card specification, which enables ultrahigh-speed data transfer to the card.

· Forty-five AF points, including 19 high-precision cross-type points and 26 Assist AF points. This new array allows the 19 cross-type points to be divided into groups of nine inner and nine outer focusing points plus a center point, which makes picking an individual focusing point much faster and easier than going through all 45.

· A new micro-adjustment feature allows for very fine changes in the AF point of focus for each lens type in use, along with the addition of adjustable focus-tracking sensitivity as another sophisticated new AF feature.

· The low-light sensitivity of the new AF sensor has been doubled to EV-1 for superior performance, compared with earlier EOS D-SLRs.

· Canon's Live View shooting mode.

· A 230,000-pixel, 3" LED screen.

· The EOS-1Ds Mark III can be connected by cable to a computer via its USB 2.0 High-Speed interface. The camera can also be operated remotely at distances up to 492 ft with the assistance of the optional Wireless File Transmitter WFT-E2A.

· Canon's complete dust management solution, called the EOS Integrated Cleaning System.

· The entire body of the EOS-1Ds Mark III, including its internal chassis and mirror box, is made of an advanced magnesium alloy for exceptional strength and rigidity. Comprehensive weatherproofing at 76 locations on the camera body ensures superior reliability, even when shooting in harsh environments.

We will begin tests on the new camera to be published in Shutterbug as soon as production samples become available. A full press release on the product is available now at

For more information, contact Canon U.S.A., Inc., One Canon Plaza, Lake Success, NY 11042; (800) 652-2666, (516) 328-5000;

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