Breaking the Rules for Captivating Photos (VIDEO)

One phrase we repeat often is, “Rules are meant to be broken.” That doesn’t mean being sloppy, but rather knowing when an unconventional approach will deliver unique and eye-catching photos.

A less common expression, often used by pros, is that, “You have to know the rules of photography before you’re allowed to break them.” I’m not sure “allowed” is the proper word, but the point is that beginners often break rules because they simply don’t know them.

More experienced shooters, on the other hand, sometimes sidestep conventional wisdom because doing so helps them intentionally communicate something specific they want to convey with their images. And that’s what this six-minute tutorial is all about.

In this interesting episode from our friends at Mango Street, Daniel Inskeep discusses three ways you can break photography rules with intention to make images with the WOW factor. He begins with a few examples of photos that unwittingly contain mistakes and are thereby unpleasing to view.

Things then get interesting when he demonstrates mistakes based upon knowledge and a keen eye. Here the results are both esthetically pleasing and compelling. Whether you’re a photographer or pursue a different artistic endeavor, the best work tends to be purposeful, taking the viewer on a visual journey while following the path you intend.

Since this tutorial is so brief, and the images sell the concepts, we’ll keep our comments to a minimum, avoid being a buzzkill, and let Inskeep provide the inspiration. So sit back, watch the quick video, and enjoy while you learn.

There’s much more of interest on the Mango Street YouTube channel, so be sure and pay a visit.