Bowens’ Esprit Gemini Flash System; In The Studio, And On The Go Page 2

Another firing option is the built-in photocell "slave," which can be used to pop the flash with any other flash source, such as a shoe mount or even a built-in flash on your camera. This can be switched on or off, depending on your operating conditions.

The back of the unit offers simplified controls and input. The unit can be fired in three ways in both wired and wireless fashion. Add in the flexibility of the Travel-Pak and the units can be used easily both in the studio and on location.

Shallow Depth Of Field

Shooting close and getting just enough light for a shallow depth of field was simplified by the capability of going to 1/32 power. The dim day was overcome with the Gemini's supplied fill. (Image effect of Gaussian Blur added after exposure.) (Model: Caitlin McTiernan.)

On their own and connected to an AC power source the Gemini heads can be used for any studio setup, from still life to portraits to groups. They take a numerous and full line of light modifiers, including wide angle, keylite, and softlite reflectors as well as adapters for a wide range of softboxes (visit for more information on the lighting modifiers available).

But the real bonus of this system is the ability to power it using the optional Gemini Travel-Pak. The battery pack can power two monoblocs simultaneously, with a total power output of 1500 ws, which means you can use both heads at full power off the one pack. If you use only one head there's a supplied "dummy" to close off the second power socket. It brings one of the heads to full power in about 5 seconds, and yields up to 200 full-power flashes on one charge. You can charge either in fast or slow options, which means it can give you a quick boost for the last remaining shots in a set if needed. Weighing in at about 15 lbs, the Travel-Pak comes in a case with a shoulder sling, making it easy to carry about wherever your location shots lead.

List price on the Gemini 1000 ws kit (two 500 ws heads) is $1945; the Travel-Pak lists for $895. Together they make for a versatile lighting kit that can be used in the studio, or on the go.

For more information, contact R.T.S. Inc., 40-11 Burt Dr., Deer Park, NY 11729; (631) 242-6801;