Bored as a Photographer? Here Are 5 Ways to Get Inspired to Start Shooting Great Photos Again

It happens to all of us as photographers. We suddenly stop feeling inspired and even are, dare we say, a bit bored with shooting photos.

You’re photographing the same things with the same results and everything just starts looking the same. Blah. But don’t give up on photography just because you’re a little bit bored! There are actually many ways to get motivated to take what could be the best photos of your life.

Travel and street photographer Pierre T. Lambert has five helpful photography tips for “bored” photographers. For him, one of the best ways to start visualizing new photos is to actually limit your shoots in several ways.

Here are his five tips, which he explains on the streets of Paris, France in the below video:

#1 Use Limited Space

#2 Use Only One Type of Light

#3 Use Less Gear

#4 Pick a Single Subject

#5 Work on a Time Constraint

“You might not get the best shots of your life during these exercises, but it is very important for you to remember that all those shots that you’re taking every day, even when they’re bad, when they’re great, when they’re magical, even when everyone’s like ‘bleh,’ why did you buy a $2000 camera to take those ugly shots?” Lambert says. “All those shots are actually stepping stones for you to get the best shot of your life.”

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