The Big Mistake ALL Beginners Make with Their Landscape Photos (VIDEO)

As we've said time and time again, it's ok to make mistakes as a beginner photographer. The important part is learning from your photography mistakes even if they're big ones.

In the below video, pro photographer Mark Denney explains the main mistake he sees all beginners make with their landscape photos and then tells you how to fix it.

"There's a reason why outdoor and landscape photographers are always talking about leading lines and establishing strong foreground elements in their landscape photos and it's because it can solve perhaps the greatest single greatest struggle when it comes to photography," Denney says.

"Which is how do we accurately portray the three-dimensional world we see with our eyes into a two-dimensional photograph without it looking flat and boring? It's not always an easy thing to accomplish, but what do you do when you get home from a trip and are left with a bunch of images that lacking that three-dimensional feeling? Is there a way you can breathe new life into them from the digital dark room? In this video, I'll show you how I go about doing just that."

Watch below as Denney walks you through the steps on how to add a 3D quality to your landscape photos in post-processing.

"Is there a way you can breathe new life into your photos from the digital darkroom?" he asks. "I'm sure you already know the answer to that loaded question and in this video I want to share with you a few ways that you can turn a flat and otherwise dull looking image into something that has substantially greater depth that is ultimately much more exciting to look at."