Better Travel & Nature Photos: Gear, Composition, Camera Settings, & More (VIDEO)

There’s so much to learn about landscape photography that the path toward success can be a long and arduous one. In fact, even accomplished pros say the quest for improvement is never ending.

The video below will help you polish your skills, with very helpful advice pertaining to travel and nature photography. While most of our tutorials concentrate on one aspect of the subject at hand, this 20-minute episode covers a wide-range of landscape photography topics, from gear and camera settings, to composition, shooting techniques and more.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Danish Pro Mads Peter Iversen works his magic at four locations in the stunning countryside of his home country. While making several beautiful images, he reveals everything that went into capturing each scene.

Iversen’s first stop is a spot he found during the winter, as he scouted locations to shoot when the weather improved. The scene is ideal for his minimalist style of shooting, with a beautiful, solitary tree against an interesting sky. After exploring several ways to frame the scene, Iversen demonstrates other important aspects to consider when shooting a captivating sunset like this.

Iversen does much the same for the other three locations he visits. In addition to several helpful composition tips, he explains how he chooses the proper lens for each shot, and offers advice on exposure and other camera settings.

Hopefully you’ll find Iversen’s work inspiring, and you’ll give his tips a try the next time you venture out into the great outdoors. To see more of Iversen’s great work, be sure to check out his YouTube channel.

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