Better Photos Are Only 3 Minutes Away with These Simple Tips for Framing & Exposure (VIDEO)

Here’s a quick photo primer from an accomplished pro, with three simple tips that will help you shoot better photographs. So stop what you’re doing, invest three minutes in watching this tutorial, and up your photo game now!

The video below is from Tyler Stalman, whose work bridges the gap between photography, filmmaking, and design. His approach to everything he does, is to get technology out of the way and focus on the creative process.

Stalman notes that correct exposure isn’t just about ISO settings, f/stops, and shutter speeds, but also about finding good light. He says, “The easy way to think about this is having equal brightness on the subject and in the background.”

There’s also good composition advice in this quick tutorial, as Stalman discusses how to frame portraits to minimize distortion. He also explains how to simplify photos by eliminating unnecessary clutter, and he says the key to that is to “be thoughtful about what’s in the frame.”

You can find more interesting videos on Stalman’s YouTube channel. And be sure to check out another three minute tutorial we just posted, explaining how to use a camera’s Manual mode for making better photographs.

Via ISO 1200