Best Deal Ever? Customers Receive TWO Sony A7R III Cameras in This $3,200 2-for-1 Mistake from B&H

Here’s a moral dilemma for you: Let’s say you finally scraped together $3,200 to pre-order your dream camera, the Sony A7R III. And when you eagerly ripped open the package after an agonizing 40-day wait, lo and behold, there were TWO Sony 43.4MP mirrorless wonders inside?

That’s what happened to photographers Alex Workman and Louis Ferreira when they ordered the A7R III from B&H Photo Video, one of the country’s leading mail order companies. As you can read in a detailed moral reckoning on Workman’s Facebook page, he was "like a kid on Christmas morning” while driving to a UPS depot to pick up his package.

Upon returning home and opening the box to find two cameras inside, the “good Workman” who decided to return the extra camera, struggled with the “bad Workman” who tried to rationalize keeping it. Ultimately the "good" Workman prevailed, and he contacted B&H about returning the extra camera.

Ferriera also received this unintended 2-for-1 deal from B&H. As he chronicled in a post on PetaPixel, Ferreira was somewhat less conflicted than Workman: “Knowing the law, for a split second I knew I could keep what was inside, but I immediately reached out to my contact at B&H during my drive home to find out what happened.”

So be honest: What would YOU do under similar circumstances? For more details on the Sony A7R III, check out our introductory story.