The BEST Camera Settings for Photographing Birds in Your Own Backyard (VIDEO)

Let’s face it: Few of us are traveling things days, and that make things difficult for nature photographers who often pursue their craft far from home. But what if you could capture stunning images of birds in your own backyard? If you’re intrigued, read on.

While Englishmen Darrell Oakden considers himself an amateur, he’s a very adept wildlife photographer with a portfolio of fine imagery. He’s also a popular instructor with well over a million subscribers to his YouTube channel. In the video below he reveals the camera settings he says will give you the best chance of success when photographing garden birds at home.

Many of the camera settings Oakden recommends work equally well for all types of wildlife photography. And while he often shoots from a backyard bird hide, having one isn’t necessary for taking advantage of his approach. As you’ll see, however, in can really help to set up a few birdfeeders and perches in your yard to attract willing subjects.

Oakden is more beholden to patience and technique, than he is to high-end gear. That said, he uses some pretty nice equipment that he lists in the description below the video. And he notes that if you’re on a budget, it often makes sense to upgrade your lenses instead of purchasing a new camera.

The camera settings Oakden suggests work well with both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and he begins with those that affect exposure, which he considers the most important variable. He reviews the pros and cons of using Auto Exposure, Manual Exposure, and the semi-automatic modes in between.

Other camera settings covered in the video include focus and drive modes for stationary subjects and birds in flight. And for keeping images sharp, he discuses the use of tripods and other camera supports as well as important accessories like a cable release.

Oakden has a lot more offer; so watch this quick video and head over to his YouTube channel for more great tutorials. And take a look at another story we posted, with the best exposure modes for nature photography.