The BelfieStick Helps You Take Better Selfie Photos of Your Butt

Finally, just what the world needs (not): a device that helps you take photos of your butt.

Called The BelfieStick (get it?: selfie + butt = belfie), this absurd creation is not some joke from The Onion. It’s very real and, in case you didn’t know already, belfies are a thing these days. (Just go check out the Instagram feeds of certain reality TV personalities out there.)

Dreamed up by the creators of photo-based social network site, The BelfieStick is a bendable stick with an extendable arm that you can adjust to a variety of positions to get just the right angle for your butt selfie. There’s a Bluetooth button on the bottom of the stick and it’s compatible with Apple, Android and Windows-based mobile devices.

Belfiestick is available for pre-order now for $79.95.

So if you’ve always wanted to make an ass of yourself, now’s your chance.

(Via The Phoblographer)