Behold the Otherworldly Infrared Cityscape and Landscape Photographs of Paolo Pettigiani

Paolo Pettigiani is an Italian photographer/graphic designer whose stunning infrared photographs convey familiar scenes that are at once familiar and surreal. Based in Turin, Pettigiani says he finds inspiration during his travels by discovering “a new reality” with his unique infrared images.

The 24-year-old Pettigiani has a degree in Design and Visual Communications from Politecnico di Turino and does freelance work for clients from all over the world. He’s an avid action sports enthusiast and shoots some amazing images in the mountains in Italy.

Pettigiani’s portfolio also includes some spectacular architectural and landscape imagery, and he began experimenting with infrared photography near his hometown of Turin two years ago.

“What I like about this kind of photography,” he explains, “is making visible something invisible. My aim is to show something recognizable under a new, unexpected and personal point of view.”

After falling in love with the infrared hues of his images in Italy, Pettigiani traveled to New York, where his “Infrared NYC” series transformed the lush vegetation of Central Park into a stunning pink landscape with the city’s iconic architecture looming in the background.

Pettigiani’s infrared images of New York have won him critical acclaim (and became a viral sensation), and he calls the series, “The first real project as a means of artistic expression.” Pettigiani won’t reveal much of his technique, other than to say he uses a Canon 5D Mark III with an infrared filter and makes adjustments to color and contrast in Photoshop.

You can see more of Pettigiani’s fantastic work on his website and Instagram page. You can also purchase limited edition prints of his infrared images through the Lumas Gallery. (Not cheap but gorgeous!)

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Via My Modern Met