Beginners Tutorial: Everything You Need to Know to Take Stellar Shots of Starlit Skies (VIDEO)

Astrophotography is really popular these days, but many photographers are put off by the challenge because they assume this type of shooting requires special equipment and arcane techniques. In fact, nighttime photography isn’t really all that complicated and you can usually get great results with equipment you already own.

The beginners tutorial below comes from Josh Katz whose YouTube channel includes a unique mix of videos covering everything from photography and adventure, to skateboarding and muffins.

In this tutorial Katz covers all the basics of astrophotography, from choosing the proper lens and setting up your gear to finding an appropriate location. He also explains focusing and composition techniques, as well as how to set your aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to arrive at a perfect exposure. Finally, he demonstrates the best way to refine your nighttime images in Lightroom.

You can find more photography (and muffin) tips on Katz’ YouTube channel, Be sure to watch an earlier Katz video we posted on getting started in panorama photography, as well as our recent story with more tips on astrophotography