Beginners Should STOP Using This Tool to Edit Their Photos! (VIDEO)

If you're using the global vibrance and saturation tool to edit your photos in Lightroom, you should stop right away, according to landscape pro Mark Denney. While that color adjustment feature is ok when used in moderation, it affects the entire image and can damage the quality of your shot, he says.

"Enhancing the color already contained within an image can completely change the overall look and mood of a photograph and much like all aspects of photo editing, there's a multitude of different ways to accomplish this," Denney says.

In the below video, Denney discusses the common approach that most beginners take when editing color in a photo, namely "applying global vibrance and saturation to the entire image."

"While this is fine to get started, there is a much more powerful way to create a substantially more pleasing result," he notes. "But, instead of me just sitting here telling you how great this approach is, I put it to the test in this week's video where I edit one of my favorite fall landscape photos using only the Vibrance & Saturation sliders and compare the results to my preferred method in order to illustrate the difference."

What is Denney's preferred editing method? Well, he has quite a few of them, all of which do a better job than vibrance and saturation. Check out the below video where he shows you how while editing a favorite fall image of his.

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