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New from PROMASTER is the XtraPower Universal Digital Camera Battery Charger that's both simple and easy to use. The unit adjusts for both battery size and contact position in seconds to conform to the different sizes and contact positions of most 3.6-7.6v digital camera, cellular phone, or PDA batteries. The smart, rapid-charging circuitry charges a typical lithium ion digital camera battery in just over one hour. Also new is the PROMASTER XtraPower PRO 2-Hour World Charger, a compact Ni-MH charger with a built-in battery tester. The multi-voltage switching power supply makes it helpful for the world traveler and it charges most Ni-MH AA or AAA batteries in two hours or less.

Promaster Universal Charger

Promaster Universal Charger

Spectrum Brands is the new parent firm marketing both Rayovac and Varta batteries. Varta photo alkaline battery performance has been increased by 14 percent compared to previous levels. Varta Rechargeable Ni-MH AA batteries have been upgraded to 2700 mAh and the AAA size upgraded to 1000 mAh to provide more power for digital cameras. The new Rayovac PS23-B Power Ready Charger for AA and AAA batteries has individual cell indication, that is, an LED light behind each battery glows when that individual battery has finished charging. One or two batteries charge in about two hours while three or four require about four hours.

Varta 2700 mAh rechargeables

Rayovac Chargers

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