AutoFX AutoEye 2.0

Photos © 2004, Anthony L. Celeste, All Rights Reserved

AutoEye is designed as a plug-in that performs quick image corrections. It provides access to tools for fine tuning your adjustments and can be used as a photo editor plug-in or as a stand-alone program.

AutoEye's Automatic Photo Adjustments
The strength of AutoEye lies in its ability to instantly analyze a photo, decide what type of adjustments are needed, and then apply those adjustments automatically.

#1: A photo that is underexposed, causing a loss of brightness and color detail. The wolf's eyes are darkened, the tint of the fur is also too dark, and the fur is blurred.


#2: Better than a "one click" adjustment, this photo uses a "no click" adjustment. All that was required was opening the photo in AutoFX. With the Automatically Enhance option checked, AutoFX automatically examined the photo and applied corrections.


The Automatically Enhance option is located near the top of the AutoEye Enhancement Panel. The level of enhancement is preset to 0 (minimal enhancement), but you can increase the level of enhancement using the Enhancement Strength button.

#3: Since the Enhancement Strength button applies changes to all aspects of your photo, AutoFX also provides controls for fine tuning the enhancement. Remove Color Cast, Rebuild Detail, and Smooth Noise options are available. You can also check the Anti-Moiré option to remove artifacts caused by scanning photos (for more on scanning, see the eDigitalPhoto website article at


Given that color casts are such a common issue in digital photography, I want to take a closer look at just how well AutoFX can remove color casts with a single adjustment. Color cast removal involves two separate jobs for the editing software: deciding on which color channel is causing the cast, and then removing the cast without removing too much of the color. I chose a photo with a heavy red color cast for this example.

#4: A photo with a red color cast, a common problem in digital photography.