Here’s How to Shoot Great Wildlife Photos from the Comfort and Safety of Your Car (VIDEO)

Let’s say you’re planning on doing some wildlife photography this weekend, and the weather turns bad. Or maybe you’re not up for a hike, or encountering a bear or wolf in the field. All is not lost if you watch the video below, with some great tips for shooting critters from the comfort and safety of your car.

Chad Berry is a Canadian nature photographer and instructor who often captures stunning wildlife photographs through the open window of his vehicle. He even uses his car as a duck blind on occasion, to discretely photograph waterfowl, snowy owls, and other species with great success.

Berry’s approach isn’t as simple as going for a drive, rolling down the window, and firing away. And in this detailed tutorial, he demonstrates the gear and techniques that work best for this specialized form of wildlife photography. You can see Berry’s favorite camera equipment in the description below the video.

Berry’s tips are well worth learning before you invest big bucks on a guided wildlife excursion. And his advice will go a long way toward improving your skills, even when taking photos in the field. He begins with lens recommendations for shooting wildlife from a vehicle, and explains why he prefers to use a crop-sensor camera rather than a full-frame body.

You’ll pick up valuable tips on composition, exposure settings, focusing techniques, and an easy way to stabilize a camera on the window frame in your car. He also discusses the importance of wildlife conservation, and why he avoids baiting animals just to get a shot.

There are more outdoor photography tips on Berry’s YouTube channel. And be sure to look at another story we posted recently, with the best camera settings for shooting wildlife photos with a Nikon DSLR.