8 Things Photographers Can Do When Stuck Inside During a Coronavirus Quarantine

We get it. You're stuck inside during this nerve-wracking coronavirus pandemic and you're climbing the walls because you want to be outside photographing stuff.

Photographers are, by definition, creative people and when we can't create, we go a little nuts. That's understandable but there are, in fact, many things you can do to grow as a photographer if you're self-quarantined. In the below video, Los Angeles-based boudoir photographer Michael Sasser shares "8 Tips for Improving Photography During a Quarantine."

"This is a crazy time right now and I want to do what I can to help," Sasser says. "I've been a really good citizen and have only left the house once in five days, just to go for a walk. But I know that a ton of shoots are getting canceled. I've had a few shoots canceled and it may seem like the best way to use this social distancing time is to just sit around and watch Netflix. But if you're looking for a way to be more productive and improve your photography, I've got a couple of ideas on how you can still learn while you're pretty much locked up at home."

In the below video, Sasser offers eight tips on efficiency, editing, updating your website, marketing strategies and overall photography advice.

#1 Watch YouTube Tutorials

#2 Update Your Website

#3 Practice Editing

#4 Get an Online Course

#5 Self Portraits

#6 Connect with Photographers

#7 Create a Workflow

#8 Update Instagram Profile

Watch the full tutorial below and then go visit Sasser's fantastic YouTube channel for more great videos.