7 Tips for Capturing Creative Fall Photographs from British Landscape Pro Nigel Danson (VIDEO)

A short time ago we featured some helpful advice from Nigel Danson on preparing yourself and your gear for capturing spectacular images during the beautiful autumn season. In this follow-up video, Danson offers seven great shooting tips for fantastic fall photos.

Danson is a British pro landscape photographer, and his goal with this tutorial is to help unlock your creative vision so the images you capture are technically excellent with a creative twist. The seven ideas Danson presents range from the simple to the abstract, with the idea than you can pick and choose among them to develop your own style for capturing the colorful wonders of fall.

Danson begins with a quick discussion of why a polarizing filter will make a huge difference in every fall scene you capture, and how telephoto lenses will give your images a unique look by separating foreground and background objects while decreasing depth of field. He also demonstrates how shooting with a macro lens from a low perspective can result in very dramatic images.

Other tips in the video include framing techniques, making use of color contrast, and taking advantage of backlighting. So take a look and see how many of these ideas work for you. And be sure to share a few of your photos in the Galleries on Shutterbug’s website, for everyone to enjoy.

You can find more tips from Danson on his YouTube channel, and take a look at our earlier article in which he provides great advice on getting prepared for fall photography.