7 Simple Steps to Edit Better Landscape Photos in Lightroom (VIDEO)

Lightroom is a great program for editing your images but it can be intimidating to some beginners. In the below video, photographer Mark Denney shares some great tips on how to edit better landscape photos in Lightroom by following his seven simple steps.

"When I was first starting out in landscape photography I remember feeling overwhelmed by the many photo editing tools and options available within Lightroom. Probably my biggest source of confusion stemmed from my inability to determine where exactly to begin the photo editing process," Denney says. "I figured since every photo was different that every editing process would be completely different as well. In this video, I review the seven editing steps I use today on every landscape photo I edit in Lightroom."

Denney adds that his step-by-step Lightroom process can be used on any photo, not just landscape images.

"The best part about this workflow is that it's easy to remember, highly repeatable and can be applied to any photo that you edit," he notes. "Once you apply this seven-step workflow to a few of your photos at home, you'll soon be able to move through this process fairly quickly and feel confident as to the edit you're applying to your photos."

Watch the tips video below and then go visit his excellent YouTube channel for more tutorials.