7 PRO Skills That Are EASY to Copy (VIDEO)

There’s no better way to improve your photography than by learning from pros that spent years developing their craft. And that’s why we regularly bring you tutorials from some of the world’s best photographers.

Unfortunately, some of the techniques used by outstanding photographers can be difficult to emulate, either because they require exotic gear or because some skills take years to develop and aren’t within reach of less experienced shooters.

In today’s episode, however, you’ll discover seven skills common to accomplished photographers that are very easy to copy. Or as instructor Nigel Danson says, “these are simple things that all good photographers do that drastically improve their images, and thankfully they are really easy to copy.”

Danson is an acclaimed landscape photographer in his own right, but the tips he shares today involve things he observed from other pros he admires. In fact, he employs some of these methods himself—and you can too.

Some of the advice is more of a mindset that a technical matter, like the first attribute of perseverance. As Danson explains, this involves frequently returning to a favorite location, at different times of day throughout various seasons, during all sorts of weather. In short, when you know a place like the back of your hand, it’s much easier to come up with a money shot.

Danson’s second point is about becoming proficient at editing, or as he says, “Most of the photographers I look up to are very good photo editors.” Becoming adept at this skill ultimately provides you with a unique style, enables you to make the most of a scene, and helps you become a better visual storyteller.

The foregoing is just a taste of the wisdom Danson imparts, so watch the entire video and begin elevating your skills today.

Danson has a bunch of great tips of his own, which you can find on his instructional YouTube channel.

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