7 Photography MYTHS & Misconceptions to IGNORE (VIDEO)

There are numerous “rules” regarding the art and craft of photography that have been espoused by so-called “experts” for years. Some of this conventional wisdom is truly essential, but several things you’ve heard are subject to debate. And still others are simply myths or misconceptions.

In the quick video below, an accomplished pro attempts to clear up the differences, by describing “Seven myths about photography you should ignore.” Toma Bonciu is a self-taught landscape photographer, so he was susceptible to a broad array of conventional wisdom as he refined his skills.

The first topic on Bonciu’s list is more of a misconception that a myth, and it’s something you’ve heard countless times; namely, the claim that “gear doesn’t matter.” That’s a quaint thought, especially if you can’t afford new equipment, and we all know that the trained photographer is ultimately responsible for quality images. But Bonciu explains why there are times when better gear will undeniably deliver superior results.

Turning to actual myths, one of Bonciu’s pet peeves is the notion that you should always compose images using the Rule of Thirds” and he provides clear examples why this rule is meant to be broken. You’ll also see why he says landscape photographers needn’t always use a tripod, and why high ISO settings shouldn’t always be avoided.

Bonciu also rebels against the notions that “every photo needs editing,” and the rule that you shoot never shoot under harsh midday sun. There are a few more myths to explore in this interesting nine-minute video, so listen to Bonciu’s explanations and see if you agree.

There are more helpful tips on Bonciu’s YouTube channel, and in another landscape tutorial we posted with three “essential” tips that may change your photography forever.