7 Photography Mistakes that Beginners Make All the Time (& How to Easily Avoid Them)

As the saying goes "If you don't make mistakes, you don't make anything." Or, in other words, when you're doing creative work, it will always result in a few mistakes. On the other hand, sitting around doing nothing is the only way to avoid mistakes. (But who wants to do that?)

This lesson certainly holds true for photography beginners and experienced pros alike. But what if you could avoid some basic mistakes that most photographers make? That would certainly speed up the creative process and get you shooting photo gems in no time.

The below video from landscape photographer Nigel Danson aims to do just that. "I have made and seen loads of mistakes in photography and these are my top 7," Danson says. "In this video I explain how easy it is avoid making these same mistakes."

Here are the seven typical mistakes that beginner photographers always seem to make, according to Danson:

#1 Unbalanced Images

#2 Weak Foreground

#3 Foreground Drop-Off

#4 No Compelling Element

#5 Wrong Light

#6 Too Complicated

#7 Untidy Edges

In the video, Danson shows photographic examples of the mistakes and ways you can avoid or fix them in no time. Check out the tutorial below and then go hop on over to Danson's YouTube channel for more helpful videos.

If you want to learn some other common pitfalls of beginner landscape photographers, watch this video from another seasoned pro with five more missteps that photo newbies typically make when going to shoot outdoor images.