60-Second Lighting Trick: Make Photo Subjects Look Thinner Without Changing Their Diet (VIDEO)

We’re all familiar with the notion that the camera adds 10 pounds to people in our photos. Rather than debating the veracity of that claim, we’d thought we’d share the following video from SLR Lounge, describing a simple lighting technique for making portrait subjects appear thinner.

Los Angeles photographer Pye Jirsa demonstrates the technique he calls “Short Lighting” that has a slimming effect on all subjects (even those who are already slender), regardless of the camera gear you use. The premise of this method is that “shadows are our friend when it comes to making a subject look thin.”

Jirsa explains that this simple approach to lighting a subject works its magic because the “short” side of the face is lit, while the “broad” side remains in shadow. And by watching this one-minute video you’ll see that it really does provide a very flattering look.

You can see more of Jirsa’s work on his website, and find other helpful tips by visiting SLR Lounge. And don’t miss our earlier story with a great introduction to studio lighting.