6 Tips to Help You Shoot SHARP Images in Low Light (Shutterbug Video)

Don't be afraid of the dark. That's the message from pro photographer Jessica Sterling who shares her low light photo hacks to help you shoot crisp images in dim conditions.

In the Shutterbug video from our YouTube channel below, the Los Angeles-based Sterling demonstrates six helpful tips and techniques for shooting in the dark. In the tutorial, Sterling uses the new Tamron 17-70mm f/2.8 Di III-A VC RXD on a Sony E-mount camera to show you how to keep things looking sharp when the lights get low.

"Anyone can get tack sharp photos at high noon with professional lights when the sun [is bright]," Sterling says. "But, when the sun starts to go down, things can get a little rough."

#1 Step This Way
"To minimize motion blur, it's helps to have your client moving toward you," she advises. "A, it is much easier to keep them in focus and, B, their position in the frame won't change as much."

#2 Hold It
"Just hold your darn shot!"

#3 Assume the Position
"To hold the camera, you kind of bring your elbows in, you bend your knees a little bit and exhale as you shoot. That way you have better balance, and your arms aren't flailing around."

#4 Keep It Low
"I know it's tempting to crank your camera to 65 gazillion ISO but then you're missing out on your camera's natural color rendition, the sharpness, and the most beautiful aspects of your camera."

#5 Shoot More Shots
"Shoot more shots than you think you might need. Don't give up only shooting one or two. This improves your chance of getting the shot."

#6 Stay Around F/5.6
"Unless you're doing portraits of people standing in one spot it can be tough to keep their eyes in focus, especially if you're at 2.8 or something."

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