6 Reasons Why This Pro Says “You Need a Telephoto Lens for Landscape Photography” (VIDEO)

The video below is a followup to Monday’s tutorial explaining how to make the most of a wide-angle lens for epic landscape photography. In today’s lesson you’ll see why one pro says, “You need a telephoto lens for landscape photography,” and he provide helpful tips on how to use one.

Andy Mumford is a pro based in Lisbon, Portugal, known for his stunning nature and travel photography. He acknowledges that wide-angle lenses are the obvious choice for shooting landscapes, before providing six reasons he always has a telephoto in his bag.

In this detailed tutorial, Mumford uses his beautiful images to illustrate why certain scenes cry out for longer lenses, with examples of why sometimes a wide-angle lens simply doesn’t work—particularly when the strongest element in a composition is far in the distance.

Mumford’s overriding point is that it’s necessary see things differently on occasion, and know when to “cheat with a telephoto lens” to bring the scene closer, rather than push it away. By doing that, you can create images with a radically different look than those you’d achieve with a wide- or mid-range lens.

Mumford discusses telephoto lenses of different focal lengths, and the impact they have on depth of field and compressing perspective. He also illustrates how a long lens will accentuate prominent lines and shapes in a scene to create abstract images that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

There are a number of other great tips, and stunning images, in this tutorial. So take a look, and be sure to pack some big glass on your next outdoor adventure.

You can find more solid tips on Mumford’s YouTube channel, and in an earlier tutorial from another pro, with his approach to telephoto landscape photography. And be sure to look at Monday’s story, with great advice on mastering your wide-angle lens when shooting outdoors.