6 Must-Know Editing Skills EVERY Landscape Photographer Needs to Learn

According to landscape pro Mark Denney, there are six essential editing skills that every landscape photographer should know.

"I think we all have our own list of essential editing tools and techniques that are critical to our workflow from a post processing perspective," Denney says. "Everyone's list is probably a bit different, but nevertheless we all have those must have techniques or tools that are mission critical to our editing workflow."

In the below video, Denney shares the six editing skills and tools he says are "of the utmost importance to my editing workflow."

"These are the things that I use during my post processing on just about every single one of my landscape photos," he explains. "I'm always finding new and unique ways to apply these techniques to my images and that's perhaps one of my favorite aspects of them - the possibilities are really endless."

Here are the six Lightroom skills and tools that Denney demonstrates in the video:

#1 Radial Filter

#2 Grad Filter

#3 Range Masks

#4 Calibration & HSL

#5 Split Toning

#6 Crop Tool (Unsung Hero)

"I've always enjoyed watching other photographers edit their photos and seeing some of their must know tools is something that I find extremely beneficial," he adds. "I hope you're able to pick up at least one new editing skill or technique that you can apply to your own editing workflow the next time you begin working on one of your landscape photos."

Watch the tutorial below and then go visit Denney's YouTube channel for more helpful videos including this one where he discusses the worst lens mistake you can make in landscape photography.