6 Awesome Posing Tips to Bring Out the Best in Models for Portrait Photography (VIDEO)

First off, photographer and model Sorelle Amore apologizes for the title of this video, which is: “Why You Look Fat in Photos – And Six Ways to Fix It.” She admits she picked it mostly to attract attention on YouTube, and it definitely worked. The below video which, despite or, perhaps, because of its incendiary, Clickbait title, has already racked up 57,000 views (and counting) on YouTube.

We chose to feature it here on Shutterbug not because of the title – in fact, it actually turned us off – but because Amore offers some great advice to photographers who might be photographing curvy models and want to bring out their absolute best in portraits. Here’s how she explains the idea behind this portrait photography how-to video:

“In a world that's always trying to crush us and make us feel bad about our body shapes and sizes in order to purchase the 'latest' and 'greatest' products, we hear a lot of criticism, but honestly, it's not true. Having rocking curves is BOSS!” Amore says. “Sometimes curves can be harder to pose though, and you may think to yourself – ‘why do I always look fat in photos?!' But fret no more, I'm here to help you…with all the tips and tricks you need to know to feel sexy in photographs.”

While this video is aimed at the self-portrait crowd – or, ugh, those who favor selfies – the tips are perfectly suited to photographers who are capturing models for portraits, fashion work, or beauty photography. Here are her six tips, which she explains in her usual hyperkinetic but helpful way:

1. Don't follow the fashion trends

2. Patterns and colors

3. Body Position in Relation to the Camera

4. Double Chin Dilemma

5. Squishy Problem

6. Learn to Pose

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