5 Ways to Make Money with Your Photography: Evan Ranft Shares His Tips

Sure, you love photography, but have you ever wondered whether you could make money doing the thing you love? That’s the question Atlanta-based photographer Evan Ranft discusses in the below video, titled “How I Make Money with Photography.”

According to Ranft, there are a couple of basic questions that photographers need to address if they want to try make a living selling their work: Who is buying this? Who am I making money off of with this type of photo? How am I going to capture this audience? How is this audience going to see me?

In the below video he explains five different ways he’s been able to answer those questions and make a living as a photographer:

#1 Selling Prints

#2 One-off photo shoots

#3 Returning Clients

#4 Social Media Promotion

#5 YouTube Channel

Honorable Mentions: Affiliate Links

“There’s so many different ways you can make money with photography if you use the strategy I talk about,” Ranft says. “Building on top of yourself, pivoting and moving from one thing to another as you get proficient in one area. And remember, like I said, this is a long process. For me it was from 2013 till now. It’s all about evolving and building on what you are doing.”

Check it out and then go visit and subscribe to Ranft’s inspirational YouTube channel. And if you’ve considered wedding photographer as a potential career, you should check out this story on “How to Make $100,000 a Year as a Wedding Photographer.”