5 Tips to Help You Create Eye-Popping Composites in Photoshop (VIDEO)

Rikard Rodin is a master of creating Photoshop composites. In the below video from Advancing Your Photography, Rodin shares five tips on how to create amazing photo composite images using Photoshop.

In the clip, Rodin goes over the biggest mistakes he’s seen with fake-looking composites. He also shares some good and bad examples of Photoshop composites and what you can do to produce far better results.

Here are the five tips Rodin discusses in the video

#1 Match Your Elements

#2 Spend Time on Selections

#3 Pay Attention to Atmospheric Depth

#4 Use Color to Pull It Together

#5 Put Your Subject in the Middle

“Do these five steps, do these five things and your composites will be infinitely better,” he says. Check out more photography tutorials on both Advancing Your Photography’s YouTube channel and on Rodin’s YouTube channel.

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